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TJ Crawforth

 TJ Crawforth is one of the two managing partners at 2G Consulting Group, LLC.  Growing up in Michigan and earning a Bachelors of Science in Packaging at Michigan State University, TJ is a big MSU fan. He went on to get a Masters of Science from MSU as well, with a focus on RFID Technology. He is now married with 2 children, and still lives in Michigan.

  TJ began his career in RFID with Alien Technology as an RFID Solutions Engineer. During this time TJ learned through Pre and Post-Sales activities that credibility with the customer is invaluable, and has maintained this mindset throughout his career, always striving to be a trusted advisor that can be counted on to have the right answer. TJ and his family then moved to Virginia where he began working for SRA International, where he worked as a Senior Field Service engineer and Project Manager. Managing large scale deployments for the DoD and other government entities provided TJ with leadership experience that he leans on to this day. He then returned to Alien Technology as a Senior Field Applications engineer before ending up at 2G Consulting.

  TJ  brings 15 years of AIT and RFID experience to the table and has worked in almost every vertical imaginable.  DoD, government, supply chain and logistics, e-commerce, spirits, manufacturing and retail are just a few of those industry highlights where he has successfully deployed RFID solutions.  Mr. Crawforth strives to be known as a reliable, trustworthy and credible source of RFID knowledge and experience, combined with the work ethic and know-how to get things done.

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